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Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (Formerly known as Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program)

Alberta is among those provinces of Canada contributing a higher percentage of GDP towards the country's economy. The primary industry of Alberta comprises the petrochemicals, livestock, and agriculture sector. Edmonton and Calgary are among the famous cities where most of the population resides. Rocky mountains and fertile agricultural lands further enhance the scenic nature of the province.

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) was formerly known as the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). On 16th February 2022, Alberta renamed AINP and added two new immigration streams to it. Apart from the federal Express Entry program, each province manages its own immigration routes, and the same does Alberta.

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is the economic immigration program in Alberta that focuses on inviting skilled workers and entrepreneurs to live and work in the province. The focus of this route is to expand the province's economy further and fulfill the labor gap in various sectors.

Permanent Residence

The AIPP is operated by the federal government of Canada as well as the provincial government of Alberta. Once the applicants successfully receive a nomination through this program, they can apply for permanent residence.

In addition, the candidates can also bring their family members along with them. They can apply for permanent residence along with their family members, including:

  • Spouse

  • Common-Law Partner

  • Dependent Children

It is essential to know that sufficient funds must be demonstrated to bring family members along with the primary candidate.

Program Streams

The program is broadly categories into two main categories:

1. Streams for Workers

There are three immigration streams for skilled foreign workers currently residing in the province or intending to settle here.

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

This stream is for those qualified workers who already live and work in Alberta and hold a valid job offer from an employer in the province; They can apply for permanent residence under the AAIP.

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

Those candidates who already have their profiles enrolled in the Express Entry pool may be invited to apply under the AAIP. Applicants receiving an invitation from the province also receive additional 600 pints towards their CRS. In addition, the technical workers can also avail a fast-track immigration program named Accelerated Tech Pathway.

  • Rural Renewal Stream

As the name describes, the Rural Renewal Stream encourages applicants wishing to work in the rural community of Alberta. With a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta, the applicants can apply for provincial nomination.

2. Streams for Entrepreneurs

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs wishing to operate their startups or business endeavors are encouraged to apply for the entrepreneurial programs. The four streams include:

  • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Foreign graduates outside of Canada interested in operating or launching an entrepreneurial initiative in the province can apply for this program.

  • Farm Stream

Since Alberta has made a considerable contribution to Canada's agricultural sector, most entrepreneur streams are also operated under the farming sector. Individuals with experience in farming and intending to purchase or begin with a farm in Alberta can apply for permanent residence under this stream.

  • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

In order to start a business or purchase an existing one, international graduates of recognized post-secondary institutions in Alberta can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for this program.

  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream

Under the Rural Entrepreneur Stream, business owners can submit an Expression of Interest if they want to open a new company or purchase an existing one (EOI).

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Draws

Alberta has successfully attracted skilled foreign immigrants to the province with a high retention rate. Furthermore, Alberta also nominated over 6,250 applicants in 2021, and the region continues to invest in and modernize its immigration programs.

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